Praise for Made In China:
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"Original idea." News18, Filmibeat

"The novel is innovative, refreshing. Parinda Joshi has to be commended for the initial ideation." The Asian Age

"Hilarious, richly textured, sufficiently outlandish and deeply human... a story I couldn't resist being a part of." Rajkummar Rao, Actor

"Made in China is quirky, funny and yet it makes one think," Dinesh Vijan, founder, Maddock Films. "I felt it needed to be experienced by more people and that's why we decided to adapt it".

"Parinda brings together a brilliantly constructed plot and layered, rounded characters, serving a gripping, entertaining book that you will eat up in a single sitting, but remember for a long time. What really distinguishes Parinda is how she packs at the centre of each book a core that's strong, urgent and timely. These are stories from a changing, evolving India." Swati Daftuar, commissioning editor, HarperCollins India on the 2-book deal with Parinda Joshi.


Movie cast:

Rajkummar Rao, Mouni Roy, Boman Irani, Paresh Rawal, Gajraj Rao and Sumeet Vyas

Praise for Powerplay:

"All in all, it’s a racy journey that keeps you clued in about the nitty-gritties of the corporate world from an insider’s vantage point – woven into a story that is both gripping and personal. Definitely recommended."

Times of India

"The writing is witty and the humour is expertly woven into the plot of the book that falls somewhere between the genres of Chick Lit and Thriller and makes for a breezy read."

Femina Magazine


"Witty and curt one-liners, interesting plot and a smooth flowing story, Powerplay by Parinda Joshi is a heady cocktail with right proportions and deserves to be read."



"India’s love affair with cricket is a rocky relationship as author Parinda Joshi clearly portrays in Powerplay."

The Sunday Tribune


"A corporate drama that revolves around office politics, love and scandals, Parinda Joshi's Powerplay is a decent read."

The Sunday Guardian

"The author has given special emphasis to minute details making it a comprehensive read."

Hindustan Times City


"Built on a base of cricket and corporate politics, this is a story where subtle undercurrents flavour the tale."

Verve Magazine


"A compelling read till the very end."
Sahara Time Magazine


"Corporate politics at play. Don't miss it."

The Asian Age, Deccan Herald


“Powerplay takes you on a journey of intrigue, passion and ambition. Who would have thought the drive to acquire a cricket team can be as riveting – unputdownable!”

Gaurav Kalra, CNN IBN Sports Editor


“Witty, sinister, gripping. Powerplay is a complete entertainer.”

Ravi Subramanian, Bestselling author, Crossword Book Award Winner


"In Powerplay, Parinda Joshi gives us a crackling entertainer that peels away the layers of glamour and charm from the face of Cricketainment and corporate high places and dives deep down into the backstage of what really goes into managing a cricket enterprise."

Vault of Books


“Powerplay gets you hooked right from the first line - it's that fast-paced. English pulp fiction scales the heights of subtlety in Ms. Joshi’s hands.”

Babita Basu, Editor, Times of India


"Parinda is a writer with effortless wit and sensibility. Powerplay reveals it emphatically."

Atul K Thakur, Author & Columnist, Businessworld